Tentsla x OM Shark II Super PumpTentsla
Tentsla x OM Shark II Super PumpTentsla
Tentsla x OM Shark II Super PumpTentsla
Tentsla x OM Shark II Super PumpTentsla
Tentsla x OM Shark II Super PumpTentsla
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Tentsla x OM Shark II Super Pump

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Regular price $119.00 USD
Sale price $119.00 USD Regular price $169.00 USD
  • Active Cooling System 
  • Pump Up To 3 Boards
  • Automatic Shut-Off 
  • Fast & Powerful Dual Stage
  • 12v Dc Car Connector & Full Set Nozzles Attachments
  • Digital Display With Real Time Pressure Monitoring
  • Eco-Friendly & Test-Approved
  • Outdoor Master for Tentsla

Collaborated Packaging Available from Feb 2024, Standard packaging available now.

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